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I’m happy to chat about potential projects. Questions on cost or timescales are difficult to answer accurately on first contact, but I can often offer a ‘ballpark’ figure or refer you to similar projects with an indication of cost.

Call me : 07850 207155.

Scottish web designer Miles A. Cruickshank.

The bit about me.

My original ambition was to be a bus conductor. Sadly, that didn’t work out. So I put on a brave face and ended up here instead.

I do

  • Enjoy working with people who are enthusiastic about what they do.
  • Make complicated things simpler.
  • Believe the words are just as important as the pictures.
  • Need another coffee.
  • Retain a lot of long-term clients.
  • Think it should be getting easier by now.
  • Wonder if this still needs editing.

I don’t

  • Often accept ‘that’ll do.’
  • Drive.
  • Own a television (cool hi-fi system though).
  • See enough ‘live’ music.
  • Appreciate people cycling on pavements, especially after dark.
  • Walk nearly as much as I did/ should/ intend to.
  • Think I need say any more.

I used to

  • Run my own design consultancy.
  • Be an ad agency creative director.
  • Teach students.
  • Keep quiet.
  • Own a cowboy hat.
  • Be younger.
  • Make fewer lists.

If you have fetched up here, chances are you are looking for a web designer. And most people search for their ideal web designer. I think you have found him.

Anne Simpson,
Partner, History in the Making

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