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I’m happy to chat about potential projects. Questions on cost or timescales are difficult to answer accurately on first contact, but I can often offer a ‘ballpark’ figure or refer you to similar projects with an indication of cost.

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Logo, brand & identity design. Web design.

What I Do.

My background’s in graphic design and advertising, at creative director level.

Most client projects focus on logo design and/or the web.

But I can and frequently do get involved in other stuff.

Web design.

I’ve been designing websites since before a lot of you could even spell ‘www.’

In two decades, the underlying technology has changed out of all recognition, more than once.

But here’s the thing. Effective website design has never been about technology. It’s not an IT project. A website’s just another communication tool, like a brochure or a TV ad, and I doubt you give much thought to how a printing press or broadcast television works.

Effective website design is about getting your message across. It needs to do that as quickly and engagingly as possible, with great design and involving content. Get that right and no-one will give the technology a second thought.

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Logo/identity design.

To be honest, a logo on its own isn’t likely to do you a lot of good. It’s best considered as one component of a corporate/brand identity system.

Think of it as a ‘kit of parts,’ an essentially modular system which reinforces your brand wherever it’s seen. It allows you to achieve consistency – and customer recognition – across applications from business cards to the web to signage to vehicles to exhibition stands to homescreen icons on your phone to… well, you get the idea.

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Don’t forget the other stuff.

For some clients, my involvement goes beyond logos or websites. I can find myself writing copy, thinking up company/ brand names, devising scripts for a radio ad or video interview, creating print or online ad campaigns, designing an exhibition stand, or a recent ‘first,’ editing metadata on audio tracks.

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My Design ‘Process.’

I don’t really have one. Or at least I don’t have a technical sounding name or contrived acronym for it, nor a series of diagrams with lots of arrows and interlocking circles.

What I do have is a practical approach, a lot of experience and a track record of getting results.

I excel at looking at things from a customer’s perspective. Remember, I’m not building a website for you. So sometimes I’ll ask awkward questions, or suggest things you might not have considered. Occasionally I’ll say ‘I don’t know,’ then go and find out.

I love what I do. So I try very hard to create something really great for each and every client. It’s a process of sorts, I suppose.

Miles, we cannot thank you enough for a job brilliantly done, I have said many times that you are a genius and I stand by that.

Jackie Clifford,
Proprietor, Huntingtower Lodge

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