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RWE Photography

Several years ago, I wanted a website for my photography business. I spoke with Miles, but I thought I knew best and went for an alternative solution, which turned out to be devoid of design creativity and purpose, as most of the input was mine. My web designer was in fact not a designer, but an assembler. There was no continuity of brand, because there was no brand.

It took a while to realise this and then I wound my way back to Miles. We talked for some time until I understood that he knew more about what I needed than I did.

After a short while he created a theme of brand elements that were intertwined, but it was quite revealing to see where he was leading me. I tested it on friends and fellow photographers and there was almost an instant ‘Wow’ from everyone.

As photographers, we talk about images that stand out and are stunningly different, as images that ‘pop.’ If you want your website to ‘pop’ you need look no further than Miles. He is brilliant and you will not be disappointed!

Roger Woodbury-Eggins,
RWE Photography

Kacey Plastics

Sometimes you know instantly when you have made a mistake.

That was certainly the case when we didn’t go with Miles for our previous website. This time we made sure and went straight to Miles for the website and logo – we definitely have no regrets!

Miles is a pleasure to work with and completely nailed the look we wanted first time, in the timeframe that we were looking for and produced results that we couldn’t be more pleased with.

James Wanless,
Director, Kacey Plastics

Slate Mosaic

When we started our search for a web developer we didn’t know who we were looking for, but when we found Miles we knew he was it. We found Miles through his own website which, when you read most of it, gives you a very clear impression of the type of person he is, particularly his sense of humour.

Getting to know him by telephone, though, made us recognise the extent of his expertise and skill. Miles is the kind of professional who will tell you what he can do, will do, won’t do and can’t do. There is no ambiguity or grey area: he is very good on clarity, confirmation, communication, creativity and technical expertise.

For our unique product — hand-made slate fireplaces — we needed a unique, fitting brand and Miles certainly came up with the goods, producing an image whose font, shape, proportions and colouring offer a lovely blend of the modern and the ‘earthy’ we were looking for. The website he made for us is stunning — again, the product of his technical expertise and creative flair, his instructions to us about how to write content, and his understanding about what we wanted.

We have ambitions for two further websites and there’s nobody else we would go to for this kind of work.

Barbara van der Muelen,
Slate Mosaic

Atlas Cables

If you have many ideas but not much time then Miles has the canny ability to understand your product and brand values, extract your needs and fill in all your gaps.

Great designs that last, managed approach to upgrades & updates and an efficient, friendly, business manner.

Kevin Kelly,
Managing Director, Atlas Cables

History in the Making

If you have fetched up here, chances are you are looking for a web designer. And most people search for their ideal web designer. I think you have found him.

Miles takes the time to understand your business and your target market. He’s intuitive, creative and a master wordsmith. He knows how to work with typography, colour, visual images, and the order of things on a page. His web pages are beautifully symmetrical.

This does not happen by accident. Miles is not a techie who has drifted into web design nor is he a graphic designer who finds it fun to play around with the web. He is a thorough web designer who is comfortable and scaringly conversant in all matters of web technology and design.

And where the rubber really hits the road – at the crucial user interface – your website will perform well.

I know this because I am a recidivist. I have just scored a hat trick with Miles – our third website together! And he is about to do a fourth for us.

I would not go anywhere else. I hope you will soon feel the same way.

Anne Simpson,
Partner, History in the Making

West Coast Estates

Having worked with Miles for over 20 years now, I would have no hesitation in recommending his web design & development services.

Recently Miles has created 4 different websites for us (each with very different requirements). He is professional, has an excellent eye for detail and realism, understanding our needs better than we do sometimes – and he meets our timescales!

Iftikar Mian,
Managing Director, West Coast Estates

Living Voice

Miles was surprisingly insightful when it came to understanding what was required for our new website. At the time, we wanted to elevate our brand to a higher level and Miles seemed to instinctively know what we needed to do.

He then took what we had always assumed would be a huge and daunting task, and turned a concept into reality without any real fuss. With a strong sense of originality and skill, he somehow managed to capture the essence of our brand and its idiosyncrasies.

Our new website attracts comments from people all over the world who say they love it. And we do, too.

Lynn Scott,
Director, Definitive Audio/ Living Voice

Huntingtower Lodge

Miles, we cannot thank you enough for a job brilliantly done, I have said many times that you are a genius and I stand by that. We asked for a bright modern accessible website to advertise our business and bring it right up to the 21st century and that is exactly what you have given us.

We are delighted with our website and so are our guests who are all commenting on how beautiful it is and how easy to use. You have given us the image that we were looking for and we are so glad that we happened upon your website after trawling through so many others.

The amazing thing is that we could pass you in the street and not recognise you – although we would know that voice anywhere! Somehow you have managed to guide two ‘techno-numpties’ through the joys of setting up a website and for that we are truly grateful. Your patience, understanding and sense of humour has been much appreciated.

Jackie & Chris Clifford,
Proprietors, Huntingtower Lodge

Iridescence Consulting

Miles is passionate about design. He is also commercially astute, an innovative thinker and indisputably an exceptional designer.

When it came to choosing someone to design the website for Iridescence, it had to be Miles. We had worked together before and I just knew he would deliver a brilliant site and he did. To be really honest, this job was so important to me, I just wasn’t prepared to risk using anyone else. Judging by the enthusiastic feedback I've been getting daily from my clients and partners since the site was launched last month, he has a lot more fans out there.

Sometime I think he understands what his clients are trying to achieve better than they do themselves! A bit like a sixth sense which means he goes right beyond the brief and produces results which are truly inspired and have that trademark ‘creative cool’ that is quintessentially Miles.

But, most important of all, he’s 100% plugged into the ‘business brief’ – the entire design and functionality of my site was designed to attract new clients and in only a matter of weeks, it certainly has. I reckon the site has probably paid for itself a few times over already – a pretty good return on investment in my book.

Finella Devitt,
Managing Director, Iridescence Consulting

Sure PR

I had a vague idea of what I wanted. So with a half-arsed brief Miles knocked it in to shape and lived up to his boastful claims that he actually does know what he’s talking about. He turned the project around in a short timeframe despite claiming to be supremely busy, but maybe he tells every client that to make them feel they’re getting a special service.

He not only produced a classy, smart, easy-on-the-eye and easy-to-use website but came up with the corporate image thingy that I needed.

Here’s one typical comment from the communications manager of a large public body: ‘The new website looks bloody fantastic. Really clear, crisp and very personal. Totally different to just about every other site that's floating about. Cracking good stuff.’

Stephen Rafferty,
Managing Director, Sure PR


ESEP’s website is key to our business activities, being a fundamental platform for the communication of essential information on European Structural Funds, including application processes and policy guidance. More importantly the information has to be readily accessible with signposting and hyperlinks to other related websites.

Miles, in his inimitable way, quickly grasped the essential nature of our business (not the easiest task) and designed a structure that captured the main information flows and made the necessary and logical links between the different tabs.

We now have a website that is very user-friendly, very easy to navigate and is achieving a very substantial hit rate. We receive regular plaudits from key stakeholders such as the Scottish Government, and European Commission, and more importantly from fund applicants – the principal users.

We are delighted (hyperbole intended) with the finished website and have found our engagement with Miles not only highly productive but highly enjoyable.

Gordon McLaren,
Chief Executive, ESEP

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