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Case study :

Kacey identity & branding.

Evolutionary approach to branding for Scottish company specialising in products manufactured from recycled plastics.

Genecoe progress 01

A new client with an existing identity (top left) which they wanted to retain in spirit at least. My view was yellow on white was always going to lack impact because of the lack of contrast. Adding a 3d highlight and drop shadow just made it ‘fuzzy’ at smaller sizes.

The client had actually created the logo (bottom left, above) attempting to address this. An improvement, but I thought I could do better. First step was to define both colourway and typestyle. The yellow had to be retained, but a dark grey rather than black was immediately more sophisticated.

Genecoe progress 02

The client produces maintenance-free sustainable products – decking, fencing, etc – from recycled plastic components. I wanted to convey the concept of something modular and the assembly process. Early attempts (left and centre) weren’t entirely successful, the versions at right based around the ‘construction’ of a hand-drawn ‘K’ are a much better resolution.

Closing up the space between letters and adding the period also provided a more solid block with greater ‘weight.’

Genecoe progress 03

This ‘modular’ version readily adapts to use on a light or dark background and can be used as an icon with or without company name depending on application.

The client also has a branded range of products for which individual sub-brand titling was developed.

Genecoe corporate identity

Furthermore, the ‘K’ device can be scaled and cropped to provide an additional flexible component, for example as a background to ‘anchor’ the main logo. Concepts shown for business cards, product literature (before and after) and vehicle livery options.

Genecoe website

I always maintain a successful identity is about more than just a logo, but rather should be a series of component parts which can be combined to create a flexible yet consistent visual style.

The new Kacey website is scheduled for the spring.

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