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Case study :

Genecoe identity development.

Corporate identity for a consultancy with a number of areas of expertise, primarily in high-level project management.

Genecoe progress 01

Basic idea was to display disparate elements coming together to form a complete unit (‘sum of the parts’ etc). My usual starting point is a page of thumbnail scribbles in my notebook. Once I'm happy I’ve got a concept which will work, I normally set the name in a number of typefaces to see what has the right ‘feel.’

Next step is to start drawing the logo elements, normally I'll select a candidate list of colours then produce some variations on a theme.

Genecoe progress 02

Typically I will (and in this case, did) produce more variations than shown here, but at this stage there are no set rules, some come together and are resolved more quickly than others. Once I’ve selected my preferred option(s), it’s then a case of refining that further in terms of both typeface and colourway. In this case, a repeating pattern was created as an additional branding component.

I’ll make an edited selection to show the client, normally I’ll show two or three options and the progression of the process, but again it tends to vary by project.

Genecoe progress 03

Having run them through the options, I usually try to nudge a client toward my preferred solution, although a client never sees anything which I wouldn’t put my name to. Client preferences/feedback would be incorporated into any further variants required at this stage.

My normal practice is to show an identity in a number of applications, whether that be business cards, vehicle livery or in this case options for a proposal cover. My view is that a logo is normally best considered as part of a kit of parts which should be applied consistently to all branding.

Genecoe corporate identity Genecoe print collateral

Final version of double-sided business cards and proposal cover.

Genecoe website

Part of the Genecoe project was a simple one page website which obviously followed the visual style established with the identity.

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