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I’m happy to chat about potential projects. Questions on cost or timescales are difficult to answer accurately on first contact, but I can often offer a ‘ballpark’ figure or refer you to similar projects with an indication of cost.

Call me : 07850 207155.

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Zealous Conversion

Logo and website for a new spin-off from an established company. First think of a name…

Scope of work

Brand name/ Brand identity/ Print collateral/ Website design & build/ Copy-writing.

CD sales are in decline as people switch to file-based media, which can typically be ‘streamed’ wirelessly to any room in the house. If you’ve got a large CD collection, converting these to CD quality files can be tedious and time-consuming, hence a service to convert all your CDs, ensure all the album art & metadata (track, composer info) etc is accurate and your music is transferred to your preferred storage device.

project screengrab
project screengrab
project screengrab
project screengrab



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